Module Contents

runner.utils.CONF_FILENAME = derex.config.yaml[source]
runner.utils.get_dir_hash(dirname: Union[Path, str], excluded_files: List = [], ignore_hidden: bool = False, followlinks: bool = False, excluded_extensions: List = []) → str[source]

Given a directory return an hash based on its contents

runner.utils.asbool(s: Any) → bool[source]

Return the boolean value True if the case-lowered value of string input s is a truthy string. If s is already one of the boolean values True or False, return it. Lifted from pyramid.settings.

runner.utils.abspath_from_egg(egg: str, path: str) → Optional[Path][source]

Given a path relative to the egg root, find the absolute filesystem path for that resource. For instance this file’s absolute path can be found passing derex/runner/ to this function.